Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mecherath not do? (By Design)2018-03-17T10:57:21-06:00
  • Accounting: Mecherath integrates natively with QuickBooks Online. We are currently reviewing integrations with other accounting software, please ask if you have a preferred software, we can probably provide  a great solution for what you like to use.
  • Estimating: There are tons of estimating software programs out there. Mecherath is designed as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program and a project management software (after the project is sold) to keep track of every process in the production and documentation. Create a new Agreement for your Contact enter your draws and you are on  your way.
  • Complicated: Our goal is to be Clean•Concise•Detailed, but not overly burdensome, meaning we don’t have layers upon layers which leave you searching for what you have a hard time finding. It all makes sense and is right there.
  • Emails: Most email hosting providers limit you on how many emails you can send per day, that is the limit for Mecherath without using a third party provider. We integrate with MailChimp limiting you to your MailChimp settings, but will Log all of your activities by Contact in Mecherath.
  • Phone Number to Call Us: Correct, there is no phone number to call us. But you don’t really need one with Mech-Links. Mech-Links is in the solution and will answer most of your questions, or take you to a video which should. We have Live On Line training twice a week and chat support (We are often at our computers working on programing even if it says we are unavailable and will get back to you very quickly-so please use chat support).
Second Questions (still building these)2018-03-17T10:57:44-06:00

We are in the process of building out all new FAQ since the new version is completely revised. If you would like, please submit your questions either in the Chat box at the bottom right or click on the Support menu and we will answer you shortly as well as add it to this list.