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Workman’s Compensation Tracking

A Money-Saving Tool
Keep control of your company and know your true cost

Mecherath’s Time Card logs each employee’s specific work, which corresponds to a work comp category and rate. When its time for your insurance audit, you pay the rate for the work your employee did, not the rate your agent would like to group you into. The report is created with two versions with all the information required details.

Customize Work Description

Create unlimited custom work descriptions

Set your burden rates

Several links aid you in figuring your burden
(cost of employee with overhead)

Set Workman’s Compensation Code

Many states use the same codes, we have links or check with your agent

Insurance Audit Reports

Easy to create reports for the time period your audit requires

Pay Less

Because you are accurately tracking your payroll/workers comp rates, there’s a good chance your are going to lower your yearly cost. One company saved over $70,000/year.