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Time Cards in Detail

A Very Powerful Tool

Time Card Detailed Description

Mecherath’s Time Card works on any smart phone or natively on the Filemaker Go 17 App on the iPhone,
(Download on the App Store)

Project Activity

Accurately track each activity and Work Comp Rate

Job Site Photos

Take or load photos from your device to specific project

Track Vehicle Mileage

Maintenance reminders and employee notes with automatic notification

Choose your SmartPhone
Punch List

Assign Punch List w/field completion and sign-offs

Time-Off Request

Paid/UnPaid request notifies manager w/approval process

Employee Reimbursement

Field Submit Receipts for immediate documentation

The Everywhere Time Clock

You always have your time clock with you to keep accurate records.

Step By Step For Each Of The Time Clock Moduals

Clock In/Clock Out

(The far-left blue icon, bottom of phone)

Time Card Records

(The middle-left blue icon, bottom of phone)

Service Call Tickets

(The middle blue icon, bottom of phone)

Punch List

(The middle-right blue icon, bottom right of phone)


(The far-right blue icon, bottom right of phone)