The history and development of Mecherath

Our History

Originally this was an idea a remodeling contractor had with two purposes, documentation and marketing.

The Documentation

The documentation part came about when one of his subcontractors had done some work incorrectly. He had to go and fix it to make it right for the client. The sub still wanted to be paid the full quoted price even though he knowingly did it wrong. The sub sued him for $236.00 and won. He won because he had fabricated some notes after the fact on a paper claiming this: “Notes made during the course of business are evidence in a court of law”. The judge ruled in his favor. After, outside the courtroom, the sub admitted he did the installation wrong but it would have taken more work to do it. The remodeler told him all he had to do was to tell him once the area was revealed, this “concealed condition” would have allowed for a change order. Lessons learned; the sub lied and the remodeler learned, document and don’t work with liars.

The Marketing

The marketing part was used to send the client a letter of introduction after meeting them at a home show or just before a first appointment. The remodeler didn’t like going to the potential clients’ house and talking about himself, so he let his marketing do it for him. He had learned people trust the written word over what you tell them, decided to use this as a tool. The second reason was built to simplify the process of his introduction letter so each record did not have to be created from scratch, rather use merge fields and print them as a batch after the home show. This saved him a lot to time and kept his letters very professional.

Then and Now

That started in 1992, as a simple database later became known as a CRM, initially completed in 1993. It worked very well, keeping track of all his clients, contracts, communications/activities, and even their kids and pets name. It had become a great tool.

Today, Mecherath has evolved into a tool with many capabilities beyond those early days. The 2018 release is a completely new version with tools just a year ago wouldn’t have been possible, but are now requirements. With your additional input, experience, and feedback, we continue to refine Mecherath to be the best tool you own.