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Our goal is to make Mecherath the contractors most valuable tool, and it is you who help and guide us to do just that. I welcome any questions, comments, thoughts, or suggestions you have.

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Our Strict Policy:
“Cancel When You Want”

Before you do, if there are any records you want to keep, be sure to export all photos/pdf’s, etc. (On each tab in Mecherath where it has an “Export” button), followed by downloading your xlsx. file in the Preferences: Import/Export

Your file will be retained in our records for a period of 12 months, then discarded. You can re-subscribe and start using the same file anytime during this 12 month period, provided you contact us to make the arrangements first (we will need to re-establish the file). Otherwise you will be starting with a new file.

Log In to “My Account”

Click on “My Subscription”

Select the “View” button of the item you wish to cancel

Select the “Cancel” button (next to the Change Payment – it should be grey depending on your browser)

If there are more items, reselect the “Subscription” button and repeat the process